There has never been a

There has never been a

better time to go solar!
better time to go solar!

The Government of PEI Solar Electric Rebate Program makes solar power more affordable than ever before by providing a financial incentive for Island homeowners, farms and businesses to install solar PV panels. Solar incentives will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs in PEI’s renewable energy sector.

There are also STACKABLE federal rebates available through the “Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund” that can help fund the installation of solar panels on your home or business.

In addition to PEI solar energy rebates, financing is available through the Government of Prince Edward Island to assist with the up-front costs of solar installation.

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Ready to make the switch but don’t know where to start?

The following program is currently available for residents of Charlottetown and Stratford

The Switch Program

The Switch Program has been put in place to provide technical advice and financial assistance for almost any project that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Program highlights for eligible participants

  • No Money Down

  • 0% Financing

  • Savings That Will Exceed Payments

  • Help to Access all Federal and Provincial Rebates

  • Improve the value and comfort of your home

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